Our Warranty

Steve's Automotive Specialists provides warranty for all its service. So you can enjoy our worry free service.

12 month / 12,000 miles

Available for the following services:
Bulbs. Clutches.
Brake Rotors/Drum.
Brake Pads/Shoes.
A/C E-Vac and Charge

6 month / 6,000 miles

Available for the following services:
Engine maintenance. Alignments.
Transmission maintenance (Flush).
Power Steering Maintenance (Flush).
Cooling System. Brake System Maintenance.
A/C Maintenance. Differential Maintenance.
Transfer Case Maintenance (Flush).

Warranty - General Terms

The Warranty does not apply to routine scheduled maintenance items. The “Warranty Record” is not assignable and is for exclusive benefit of the customer and vehicle identified herein.

In the event that an automobile mechanical service rendered by Steves Automotive Specialists fails to perform satisfactorily within the specified period from date of invoice, the same service as covered by original invoice will be rendered to the degree necessary to correct the faulty performance, unless the invoice is noted to show that the customer declined to authorize certain specified labor, parts or materials as required for satisfactory performance.

Steves Automotive Specialists, rendering the original service, will handle such corrections without any additional charge for labor, parts, or materials. Only in cases where new labor, parts or materials might be authorized, over and above that specified on the original invoice, will there be any additional charge.


Should you have any questions or problems concerning this service policy which is not explained or handled to your complete satisfaction by Steves Automotive Specialists, please write with details to: Steves Automotive Specialists, 2809 South 2300 East, Salt Lake City, UT - 84109
Warranty service within the Salt Lake City / Sandy, UT area including a 50-mile radius thereof must be performed at the original repair facility.

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Service Warranty
Our services are covered by Parts & Labor warranty. So, enjoy our worry free service.

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